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what have i gotten myself into?

I did it. I joined a CSA and I feel really good about it.

I love that I’m supporting a local organic farm and that I’ll be getting super-fresh produce every week. I’m even looking forward to figuring out how to prepare whatever food the farm sends me. The only thing that worries me is quantity. Typically, one CSA share is intended to feed four omnivores or two vegetarians. I cook vegetarian (which is close enough to vegetarian for this purpose), but I’m still only one girl.

What was I thinking? Well, I’m really good at rationalizing. The cost of the CSA is about $21/week. I know I spent at least that much every week last summer, so it seems like a good deal in terms of economics. The rationalizer in my head says, “You’ll eat nothing but vegetables for the summer. You can cook vegetarian feasts for friends. You’ll learn to preserve foods!” Yes, I have grand plans. Let’s pretend, for now, that these are perfectly realistic goals.


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